Oh look, it’s Tavia.

Hi, I’m Tavia. I’m kind of lame, but that’s  kind of one of my favorite things about myself.

I’m not a housewife, or a mother, or even exceptionally good at homemaking– but I am an exceptionally being nerdy, geeking out, and trying.

I want to try, learn, read, cook, play, and drink everything.

From video games, to coasters, to comics, to wall art, to cupcakes, to What If…

Welcome Home, Nerd is a chronicle of my quest to be like an adult without losing the childlike whimsy that makes me the lamest homeowner on the block.


Other places I can’t keep to myself:

In Case of Survival – Because I’m  obsessed with the apocalypse in all its trivial detail.

The Game Fanatics – Because I’m fanatical about gaming.

Defy All Logic – Because it’s on tumblr and I like to tumbl things.

I also write fiction.