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I have been an independent promotional model, brand representative, and market research specialist for nearly ten years. I’ve worked in promotions, market research, and brand development for clients such as Dove, AXE, New Amsterdam, Utopia World Wide, and Milk-Bone.

To me, it’s more important to build community and brand equity than to just show a logo or product to passersby and hope it catches their eye.

When asked about Amstel Light, would it be enough to have consumers say, “It’s a beer in a brown bottle?” Wouldn’t they prefer to be “A smooth and refreshing Dutch beer?”

While engaging with my readers and my community is a passion of mine, you’re more than welcome to simply rent some space on this website where your ads can be seen on a regular basis.

Contact me via the form below and we can discover what works best for you.


[wptabtitle] Disclosure[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]All sponsored or paid posts on this site will be clearly marked as such. It is never my intention to deceive or subvert readers.

There will be some things I write about that I like or dislike so strongly you might think someone paid me, but in reality I just go hard sometimes. If ever it is unclear whether a post was paid or if I was just fangirling, please ask (I like feedback).

If I receive a product for review or giveaway I will be clear about how it was acquired. All of my reviews will be honest, thoughtful, and my own opinion no matter how much the product retails for.

In a few places, you will see advertisements on this site. Ads help to pay the bills. I make an effort to keep them to a minimum and relevant to the content of this site.[/wptabcontent]