Autobots Assemble, Daleks Exterminate

Have you ever tried to explain one out-of-context portion of some hugely geeky and involved thing you LOVE? I have. I tried to explain to Husband what a Dalek is. He’s watched zero episodes of Doctor Who and would watch even fewer if it were possible.

I started by saying, “They’re kind of like robots. …. Well, no. They’re more like mechs, because there’s a little super-evolved squdio alien inside.”

His brow started to furrow and the rest of his face was trying to be really patient and feign interest.

Instead of explaining what they are, I tried explain why they’re interesting. “See, they’re the like most constant enemy of The Doctor. They’re–”

His face was all: Stop it. Stop. Stooo. Stop. It.

I gave up. I really thought I had a chance to enthrall him with the awesomeness that is Doctor Who.

He said, “So, it’s from Doctor Who? Cool. I’m still not going to watch it.”

I felt epically nerdy. Tragically nerdy even. He wasn’t familiar with Daleks, their history with the Doctor, nothing. I had been under the impression this shit was common knowledge, like labeling the table salt “NaCl.” It’s just shit people know.

But it’s not. I’m in my own little nerdy corner on this one (in our house).

Later that day, feeling crafty, I asked Husband what I should make next. I have so many projects on my to-do list but my sense of direction is… drifty. Husband suggested I make some kind of decor. Okay. Last time I made home decor, I made a metal Space Invaders triptych. That went over well.

I had an old frame laying around. It had a vintage feel to it and a photo I held no affection for. I could turn it into something worth hanging on a wall. Maybe.

Lame frame... what to do with you.

I’ve always loved stenciling (notice my handy xacto knife!), and I’ve recently found a love for etching glass.

I’ve made so many things around the house that I love and realized that, apparently, my intrests aren’t as general as I believed.

Husband, he’s always loved Transformers. I never got into it. I was busy watching Gargolys, and Amimanics, and Princess Gwenevire and The Jewel Riders.

It was so strange though, I know how huge Transformers were, and still are, but I have little to no knowledge about them. I still have to stop myself from saying MegaDeath instead of Megatron. Moreover, I’m never sure if I have the good guy and the bad guy straight. (I’m usually wrong)

“Hey, Husband? Do the good Transfomers have a logo?” I asked from the living room.

“Huh? Who? What are you doing?” He actually left his League of Legends research to come inspect the curiosity I’d become.

“The good transformers…” I repeated.

“The Autobots…”

“Do they have a logo?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

I Googled a bit; he went back to the table.

“Hey, Husband?”


“On the Autobots logo, are Megatron’s eyebrows really wide or really thin, as you remember it?”

“What the fuck?” He came back into the living room so I could say it to his face. Before I got the chance to butcher anymore transformers lingo he said, “Optimus Prime, Wife. The good guy is Optimus Prime. And I don’t think it’s his face, just the Autobots logo. Now, what are you doing?”

I turn my Google Image Search to him. “Which of these is most like the one from your childhood?”

Husband isn’t much into arts, and farts, and crafts. He seemed to think they all looked the same. He pointed to one that was in color, because as he remembered it, it was in color. Umm, I’m cutting it out and making a stencil, the color doesn’t matter at all. Actually, the more singular the color the better.

As the transformers noob and soon-to-be-executioner of this project I needed to know about the details. Should the triangle at the top be rounded or flat? Should the brows be thin or thick?

After some prodding, I selected the one he said was most similar to his childhood status quo, stenciled and etched it on the glass of the frame. But a vintaged wooden frame doesn’t really say “Autobots, assemble!” to me.

Because I’m that kind of lady, I had metallic silver spray paint upstairs. To keep the vintage feel, I used a wax method I learned from a blog I, sadly can’t find to link for credit. Essentially, you rub wax on your surface before applying your top coat. Once your top coat is dry, you rub or scrape off the spots where the wax was, leaving behind a vintagy, weathered look.

Ta Da! Edgy Autobot wall art that can give him the same sense of nostalgia I get when I see my sci-fi coasters. The glass makes it hard to photograph. The etched design is all vague and ghosty. (Hiding in plain sight, like a transformer?!) If you go up to it (without a flash) you can see it clearly. From some angles on the couch you can see it clearly, too.  The black and metal sitc matches the rest of our living room, especially the metal Space Invaders triptych done on aluminum (steel?) sheets.