I miss my teeth…

On Tuesday I had two teeth forcefully removed from my face. It was horrible. I paid a man money to stab me with needles and then strong-arm permanent fixtures from my mouth. It “needed” to be done. They were wisdom teeth and this was “the easy way,” because they weren’t impacted. If you’re having teeth pulled and they tell you that you’ll feel “pressure,” know they’re lying. You might not feel pain but “pressure” is an outright lie. A hug is pressure. A poke is pressure. What you will feel is someone elbow-deep in your face with various tools and the strength of a grown

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Is Halo the only franchise without the persecuted Girl Gamer nonsense?

I play Halo 4 every Friday with friends and copious amounts of liquor. Before Halo 4 we played League of legends and before that, Halo: Reach. And before that Monday Night Combat… Thing is, in all my gaming, I rarely –almost never–encounter the atmosphere of the persecuted girl gamer. Oh, I’ve been the persecuted noob, feeder, and betrayer. But that’s founded in my opinion. I can be inventive kinds of shitty1. Fortunately I’ve only have a few occasions where I needed to mute, report, or stop playing with someone for being overly sexist or blatantly racist. For an entire game

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Serious question…

Is it polite or weird to trim up your lady parts before going to the doctor? If you show up for your doctor’s appointment, showered AND shaved is that weird? Or is it weird if you don’t take care to not acknowledge that  you’re having company over and  just leave any situations to their own devices? In my estimation it’s like cleaning up before the exterminator or plumber comes to your house. They don’t know you but you want to make a good, welcoming impression all the same. But it’s not so much like when you have friends over and

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Super Green Green Arrow Secret Cosplay

The Green Arrow is one of my favorite heroes as of late.

I feel no shame in admitting that I discovered my love of The Green Arrow via The CW show Arrow. Arrow is closely tied to the DC Comics except in this day and age –even in the New 52—stupid hats are stupid and in the show no one is technically super powered.

I mean, that parkour shit Oli does on the regular and DAT BODY aren’t really of this world but that’s want makes TV more watchable than the news.

I’ve mentioned before that I like my heroes a bit anti and a bit reluctant and then I met Oliver Queen: part glamorous playboy, part angry avenger.

He’s always a bit thrown together even if it’s the most fashionable thrown together ever.

I’m neither bold enough nor have I the occasion to go out in full on cosplay of any kind. However that didn’t stop me from going out like a geek this New Year’s Eve in my secret Green Arrow cosplay.

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VIDEO: We’re NASA and We Know It (Mars Curiosity)

The most delightfully nerdy thing I’ve seen in a long time. If you’re familiar with the planet Mars and the Mission to it and the Curiosity rover that landed on it, you’re probably also familiar with the Mohawk Meme stemming from the NASA employee caught on video being awesome. Well, building on the success of the mission and the extra publicity from the meme, the NASA nerds have decided to bask in the glory of science and be the umpteenth group to parody LMFAO‘s Sexy and I Know it. Some notable references from the video: Neil deGrasse Tyson An American astrophysicist and science communicator. He is currently the Frederick P. Rose Director

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Why Shark Week 2012 Will Be the Best Yet

Sunday, August 12th marked the first day of Shark Week 2012. About five years ago I thought Shark Week was a brand new thing. Apparently it’s been happening since 1987! 25 years of shark-related fanfare. Damn, I love America! I thought my only reward for suffering through NBC’s shitty Olympic coverage would be the Return of Days of our Lives and finally knowing if Sami falls four feet or if EJ saves her by removing his shirt and turning it into a rope. Nope! My patience will be rewarded twice over. Days AND Shark Week 2012. What wonders will be

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