Comic Book Storage Made Simple

Comic books storage has basic guidelines that will help keep your precious collection in its best condition but it doesn’t always cover aesthetics. Stacks of books and boxes on the floor or taking over closets is neither ideal nor accessible.

It can seem overwhelming to conquer an out of control comic book collection, but it’s easy if you take it one step at a time.

1. Start with basic comic book storage and care.

Boards, bags, and boxes.  If you plan to keep you single issue comics, you need bags, boards, and boxes. I also use double-stick tape to close may bags– some come made to be resealable.

Boards keeps the comics, especially the corners, from bending, creasing and depreciating. make sure your boards are acid free so you don’t have to change them too often.

Bags keeps the comics safe from most elements and keep the boards with the books.

Boxes are the right size and shape to store comics that have been bagged and boarded.

2. Space, Quality, and Accessibility.

The number one issue with comic book storage is that comics are not only delicate but they also tend to grow like algae. Also like algae, they can either be a beautiful addition to the environment or a plight taking over the once beautiful scenery.

Because, in my opinion, you should never store your comics where you wouldn’t store your pet hamster your—if you care about said hamster. Not in the garage, the attic, near a heater, near a drafty door, not carelessly stacked six boxes high where the bottom box will get crushed… Yup, these babies are in your life full time.

3. Displaying your Comics

There isn’t enough wall space to frame every comics you have. maybe not even every issue #1 you have.  But you can put up some favorites and keep the rest in appropriately awesome storage containers.

Remember, If you have comics framed:

  • Tell the framer to use acid free backing
  • Tell the framer to use a frame that you can easily open and access the comic with
  • Tell the framer to use UV resistant light as comics on display will fade over time
  • All these things are expensive.
Some awesome DIY comic book storage and display ideas:

Decorate your comic book boxes with decoupage like /dev/null over on and then feel good about leaving them out all the time.

Transform a legal filing cabinet into  a comics chest of drawers.

Not exactly DIY, but Apartment Therapy has some great solutions for magazine storage that can carry over to comic storage.


    1. Great Idea! I think I’ll do a box and a tutorial after PAX.

      For now: It’s mainly the same as the coasters except you don’t need to seal it as much. I’d suggest using Paper Mod Podge as it’s designed specifically for preserving the paper it’s used on with archival quality ingredients.

      The comics I use for projects tend to be the free comics, the comics from Free Comic Book Day, or the Marvel Previews which aren’t free but have fantastic images and (as far as I know) not collectors value.

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