Days of our Lives: DAYSaster – Day 2

It’s day 2 of the Days of our Lives DAYSaster and shit is getting thick. Sami isn’t hanging from a ledge anymore but she’s ready to run– WITH EJ! Half the town’s citizens and all the town’s youths (sans the gay-strong Will Horton) are in a labyrinth of gas-filled, shoddily built tunnels from the prohibition era. Kate is a silent storm ready to rage on a pitiful Ian who’s pledging his love to a dying Madison. Nicole is about to lose another baby as she goes into premature labor under some debris. The Deveraux family flounders between take-charge and so useless they’re flailing helplessly into injurious.

In today’s episode of Days of our Lives, what questions will be answered, which will remain?!

Will Will will Roman and Lucas off EJ’s trail!?

Will EJ make his getaway or waffle on about it for the rest of the week?!

When will Sami get to run a brush through her hair? She always has such pretty hair…

Is Nicole seriously going to lose ANOTHER baby?! Seriously? Stop it.

Who will be shirtless? It’s a DAYSaster, we gotta see some dude’s shirt sacrificed for the greater good. Not that EJ‘s shirt being down damn-near his navel didn’t make me happy.

Who else will die? (JohnBlackJohnBlackJohnBlack)

Where’d Andrew go? Is that really the end of that storyline?

Can Gabi go back to being a pretty head of luxurious hair that just balances the male-female ratio without saying anything?

What do we have to do to kill John Black around here?

Hang out with me while I liveblog as I watch this DAYSaster commercial free via Le DVR in 3… 2… 1… PLAY!



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