Happy Things!

This week was a tough one. Not because I’m a mess but because the world around me was a mess. But I’m going to try to focus on those bright spots that crept in…

1. The Vampire Diaries returned.

Oh, but Vampire Diaries didn’t just return to my TV, no, it brought with it a preview for The Originals.

Do you see what I see? It’s filled with Black and Brown people! They’re good and bad and just character. It’s beautiful and refreshing.

2. I hung some curtains.

It doesn’t sound huge, but it was an epic achievement for a Sunday morning– before double digits. Two windows, four panels, a weird shallow spot and minimal measuring. I used power tools and wore heals and a laser level. My bedroom looks so nearly classy. Home decorating like a boss!

3. I got Husband to put air in my tires.

After about five months watching that little tire pressure light suggest I might want to do something to some part of my car. Well, this weekend he needed a roomier car and I had just the thing. I cleared out my trash and wiped off the coffee stains. Then I notified Husband and company that they might want to do that thing to appease that light. Teamwork, FTW!


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