I Spent the Weekend Playing Borderlands 2 With my Husband…

And it was awesome!

My co-workers start Monday morning small talk with questions like, “What did you do this weekend?” They say it all bright-eyed and interested with smiles like they expect me to say skydiving or kitten rescuing.

“I hung out with the husband…”

“Yeah? Do anything fun?!”

256x256_mayaOh, hell. Fine. At this point, it seems you really want to know, like, details. “We played video games. Borderlands 2

Then they wait a beat for me to finish the list of things we did… PSYCH! All we did all weekend was play Borderlands 2 and finish that Honey Whiskey that’s been haunting us since June.

Actually, if I remember correctly, we also watched an episode of Parks and Recreation.

Any you know what? We had the best time ever! We bonded over learning curves and in-game jokes and shared loot and Claptrap’s beatboxing and teaming up in the Borderlands against bandits and Bullymongs.

Finding a game that we both want to play AND is playable in local split-screen is a diamond in the rough for a super geeky happily married couple such as us. It’s like a Mediterranean cooking class for some couples or gardening for others.

The way Borderlands 2 is set up is so wonderfully that it just made sense to play all day. I played in the morning while he was still asleep and then he’d come down and join me for a few missions. I’d get bored and leave and have lunch and he’d play alone. Then I’d hop back in. It was magnificent.

256x256_zer0Borderlands 2 is a game for lovers!

Okay that’s excessive. Borderlands 2 is  a super fun and silly and challenging and interesting game that’s perfect for multiple experience levels playing together in the same room. You split most loot and if you’re not an asshole you communicate and say, “Hey you use pistols and I don’t; you want this sweet pistol?”

But if you or your partner is an asshole, there’s dueling for loot. In-game dueling so there need be no IRL fist-a-cuffs.

So, what did I do this weekend? I spent hours laughing, playing, teaming up, and feeling accomplished with my husband. We were both relaxed and comfortable. We supported each other and had fun.

We also had supermelts from Friendly’s

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