Monday Morning: Doctor Who Coffee Mugs

Everyone keeps complaining about how rough this Monday morning is and how more coffee is necessary. Personally, I think they just need to infuse their Monday mornings and their coffee with a bit of adventure and excitement in the form of Doctor Who.

TARDIS Mug from Think Geek. ($17.99)

I need this mug. I don’t know if it’s easy to drink from straight lines or not but I’m willing to try. I’m not sure why my mug would need a cover but I’ll take it. A proper TARDIS isn’t proper without the glowing light on top.

Also available as a TARDIS Teapot from BBCSHOP.COM (£22.99):


Dalek Etched Glass Coffee Mug from desolationallie [etsy] ($10.00)

So fancy! Simple but unexpected design; just like the Daleks. Neither Doctor Who nor the Daleks are complete without an enemy to thwart and Monday morning seems to be just the monster up for the fight.


Heat Changing TARDIS Mug from Think Geek ($10.99)

I feel the Wibbly Wobbly Timey-Wimey…Stuff might be too distracting for me but I’m willing to make sacrifices if it means I get to feel like (imagine I’m) spending time with The Doctor. 

Doctor Who Dalek 2D Mug from BBCSHOP.COM (£7.99)

So loud and aggressive… like a Dalek should be. I’m feeling more awake by the minute.

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