Only Daleks Call Me at Work

Ever wanted some Doctor Who sounds to enhance your life in some way? The time for wishing is over and the time for having is here.

I just got a phone call during the work day. I almost never get phone calls so it too me a while to realize it was for me.

I should have realized it was my phone immediately because over my shoulder a Dalek was screaming, “Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!” Also known as the “Dalek battle cry”.

Though, to be fair, I only changed it just yesterday after discovering an amazing online resource. The BBC has collected all the wonderful Doctor Who sounds on one handy page for free– restricted to non-commercial, person use!

Well, luckily, personal use is exactly what I was hoping for. I like for the random few occasions that my phone does ring to be like a little surprise inside joke. Every time I get a message I hear the Zelda rupee sound.

Now I can rotate an array of Doctor Who sounds whenever I want. Sure, everyone in the office thinks I’m nuts and my co-worker asked if it was the sound of a frog and it too every ounce of restraint to no ramble on and on about iconic Doctor Who sounds and the amazingness that is daleks.

Nonetheless the joy of having an inside joke with myself outweighs any shame I may or should feel about being the biggest geek in the office.

The soundboard has everything from the nostalgic whir of the TARDIS to the terrifyingly wonderful Dalek battle cry to commentaries by Russell T Davies.

Check it out and some of the other archive links at the top like “pictures” and “videos.” While you’re at it, check out the official Doctor Who page as well.

Some of my favorite Doctor Who sounds:

0. “If you’re an alien…” – Rose

1. “Don’t blink!”  – The Doctor

[wpspoiler name=”Spoiler: Season 3, Episode 13″ ]2. “The Face of Boe they called me” – Captain Jack.[/wpspoiler]

3. Exterminate! – Dalek battle cry.

4. Sonic Screwdriver – Gets you into anything.

5. The TARDIS – Travel in time and space.

6. “Doctor, Doctor, Doctor!” – Everyone.

7. “Two hearts…” – Smith

8. “…You’re completely human Sir.” – Martha

9. “A free upgrade.” – Cyberman.

10. “I’m a Chav!” – Cassandra.

Even though I just made an 11-point list and tried to pretend it was a 10-point list, this last one needs to be highlighted.  As far as  sounds go, it’s not so much that I love it as I love what it is. The episode The Empty Child was AMAZING. It was when we met Captain Jack Harkness; when Rose got to be a hero; and when the enemy wasn’t really an enemy making it all the more terrifying 1 .

“Are you my Mummy?” – The Empty Child.

  1. The Empty Child and the Replicators from Stargate SG1 give me nightmares


    1. Sure thing! You right click on the link to the sound file. In the menu that comes up, depending on your browser, there will be an option to save link as or save target as. Clock that and you’ll be able to save the file as an mp3.

      Thanks for reading <3

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