Autobots Assemble, Daleks Exterminate

It was so strange though, I know how huge Transformers were, and still are, but I have little to no knowledge about them. I still have to stop myself from saying MegaDeath instead of Megatron. Moreover, I’m never sure if I have the good guy and the bad guy straight. (I’m usually wrong)

“Hey, Husband? Do the good Transfomers have a logo?” I asked from the living room.

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I keep my gadgets in tokidoki makeup bags

I’m constantly switching bags and trying to figure out what to take and where to pit it. One day the clearance rack at sephora spoke to me. It said, “hey lady, lookit these super cute make up bags that are about the size of your kindle fire –with room for your phone and iPod. And this one could totes hold tampons and other essentials. And this one is just so cute you need it.” I agreed with the whispering rack.  

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All The Avengers Videos (that I could find)

I’m ridiculously excited about Marvel’s The Avengers coming out this weekend. I may have suggested to Husband that May 4th is our new anniversary… I’ve been trolling the internet for video, images, gifs, fan art, anything to keep the hunger at bay.

Tumblr has been so supportive in this endeavor. But I keeps seeing gifs of video and quotes from interviews that I haven’t seen. So, I went in search and here is what I found.

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