PAX 2012 | League of Legends Skins & Competitions for Dummies

At PAX Prime there was an entire half floor of a massive convention center dedicated to the League of Legends Regional Finals and every single round was ruckus, jam packed with standing room only and viewers watching every gank and surge with baited breath.

We saw this game! Counter Logic Gaming was Blue and they won.

I didn’t realize this was a thing far bigger than Husband and his friends drinking and shouting at each other over headsets til two in the morning on Fridays.

I did a little, because I know a number of people who play and I see the gift cards at CVS and heard that there was some eSports things going on. Well shit, this wasn’t even the finals and it was the biggest of big deals. I was concerned about it being on the 6th floor considering the population density up there.

Off to the side that had 16 computers set up with all the characters, old and new unlocked for anyone to wait in line and play. I almost waited in line… But I can barely wait for my updates to install at home before losing interest and wandering off.

Super Awesome Amumu Cosplay!
Source: Magical Cosplay (

There was some amazing cosplay happening. I was especially impressed by the cosplay because I choose my characters in League of Legends mainly based on how they look and what my friends tell me will be the most likely to help the team when I spaz out and press all the buttons and forget how to run.

I owe my aspirational Level 7 status to Kayle who allows me (when I remember) to hang back and “support” the team.

Husband just explained to me what a “carry” is. Apparently they need to level efficiently and be good enough to live through the early game so they can dominate the end game.

I’m none of those things, as you may have guessed.

I play League of Legends for fun against bots and with drunk friends. The only money I’ve invested has been buying gift cards for other people.

While at PAX the League of Legends team/staff/crew/situation was giving away exclusive skins (which come filled with champions if you don’t already have a champ to put the skin on). One was Arcade Sona and the other was Riot GravesArcade Sona will be available post PAX while Riot Graves will only be available when Riot is at events.

I was able to acquire my supportive and super cute Arcade Sona and a couple of Riot Graves skins as well. I don’t need Graves as I don’t ever plan to carry my team and Husband plays the jungler Warwick.

So, if you’d like to have a Riot Graves skin, participate in the giveaway below.

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