Play With Your Friends: Rayman Origins

Sometimes I have friends over and worry about being about to entertain everyone regardless of their gaming experience levels. We all want to have fun but shooting grunts in Halo isn’t four-player fun if you have to split the screen four ways, no one wants to come over just to watch their friend trek through and RPG– no matter how much action is in it–, and New Super Mario Bros. should have been subtitled “the death of friendship.” I’ve seen that game get loud, then ugly, then uncomfortably quiet.

Rayman Origins on the other hand is not at all the death of friendship, so much as the birth of collaboration.

On a whim I downloaded the demo because it was colorful and the guys had taken a break to eat food or make drinks or kick rocks. After a play or two in level one and sucking harder than I thought I would, they each wanted a turn.

“Hey, is this multiplayer?’ Husband asked drawing our attention to the faded image of one of Rayman’s friends at the top corner of the screen.

I picked up a a controller, turned it on, and pressed a button. It was indeed multiplayer. Not merely co-op, this was full on four players playing the game at the same time.

The controls were intuitive to anyone familiar with platformers. Or not, considering you start out only being able to run and jump and have to earn any additional abilities by rescuing a princess. You always gain these abilities mid-level so you have to use them to get to the end.

While the game is long and the levels vary enough that they don’t get boring, the game gets quite hard after a while. So hard it stops being fun, especially if some players are out performing others.

We never finished it but we had a lot of fun playing it until we gave up. I’d suggest playing it with your friends.

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