Product Review: Summer’s Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray – Island splash

Some women, during their time of the month, get self-conscious about… smells.

Did that accurately channel the sentiment of Lady Product commercials?

Fact is, it’s true and I’m one of those women. All that extra biology is just so… extra. I don’t care what the hippies say, I use scented panty liners, lady wipes, feminine deodorant spray.

The exciting thing about Summer’s Eve feminine deodorant spray in Island Splash is it’s multi-purpose!

Shake well, remove cap. Hold cans 8-12 inches away from area to be sprayed. For additional protection, also spray on feminine pads, panties or undergarments.

After a long day at the office and a long commute ahead of me, I thought, “I should freshen up, just in case.”

My commute runs on a schedule and it was already after 5pm and the office was fairly empty, so I decided to sneak  a spray of my feminine deodorant on the ouside, crotch area of my pants. Yup.

I reached under my desk and snuck-sprayed vag deodorant in Island Splash scent on the crotch of my pants because I’m insane.

Then Dude (handsome, 6’3”, frat-boy esque, so nice) turns around from his cubical and says, “Did you spray something?”


Another dude, Let’s just describe this whole department as so fucking manly — they literally build shit all day— turns and says, “That is a wonderful smell!”

“What is that?” Another asks.

“Ummm, body spray…” I half-truth.

“You can spray that any day!” They all gleefully agree that it’s the most wonderful of wonderful smells and they’d love to smell it all day any day…

I mumbled something about something and needing to catch my train and officially know what it’s like to feel MORTIFIED and Triumphant.

I did something so sketchy and essentially got caught, BUT because Summer’s Eve feminine deodorant spray in Island Splash
 smells so amazing I came out on top.

Sure the product is good if you use it as directed too but that’s never a true test of consumers, the marketplace, and satisfaction.

RATING: Fuck Yes!