SciFi Coasters

NOTE: I wrote this post while I was home sick. While I was able to complete this project, I realize this post needs some serious editing. I’ll get to it.

Between bottles of Gatorade and a during a Star Trek marathon I was able to check a project off my list. Yay!

I couldn’t literally do NOTHING all day, just live through it… Ew.

Today’s project:
Turning Nasty, Overused Coasters Into Etched Glass Nerd Art.

At some gift giving instance, I can’t remember which, Husband and I got these neat photo coasters. They’re glass with a white frame painted on the underneath and a metal slot thing glued on so they become little useful picture frames you can put your drinks on.

How novel and fun and so on. That is until we realized they’re not super durable. Or water proof. Or dishwasher safe… The white paint started to peal and the metal slot things started to rust and come unglued in spots. They were far more gross than a tidying tool should be.

I have up on them but not the idea of having glass coasters.

My husband would ask, every time he saw them still in the dishwasher, what the plan was for them. I was all like, “No worries. I have a plan for them.” I sort of did… Eventually (after I scrubbed/soaked the remaining white paint and glue off) we were left with thick glass squares and the metal backs that once were attached to them.

I kind of did. I was going to turn them into coasters we didn’t have to be ashamed of by doing a thing to them… Step 3: profit!

On my Sick Sad Tuesday I put myself to (light) work.

First, I googled to decide what to make. Then, I went to Michael’s and managed to only buy the supplies I needed and nothing else. I’m still so surprised by this that I’m not sure if it’s a lie or not. *shrugs*

I organized up, spread out in the living room, and crafted my nerdy little heart out!

Whoa, how is crafting nerdy? Don’t many very sensible and normal people craft? Well it is, actually. Most tings are nerdy though so unless activities are only limited to pro-social stereotypes like gardening or… I con’t think of any hobbies that aren’t nerdy. So accepting that crafting is nerdy, we can accept that isn’t epically nerdy if it’s compounded with the fact that I made etched glass coasters in homage to four things I LOVE:


  1. These are amazing! How much would you charge to make another set?? (Yes, I’m being totally serious!) Shoot me an email if you’re willing to hook it up! :)

    1. Thank you, I appreciate that so much! These were actually pretty intensive to make since I did it all by hand but even though I’ve wanted to make more I’ve never been able to find glass squares since I made these. It’s weird… I’ve looked.

      If I did another set, I wouldn’t hand cut them– but they’d still have to be pieced together by hand so I guess around $40 for another set.

      But hypothetically, a logo set would be about

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