Why Shark Week 2012 Will Be the Best Yet

Sunday, August 12th marked the first day of Shark Week 2012.

About five years ago I thought Shark Week was a brand new thing. Apparently it’s been happening since 1987! 25 years of shark-related fanfare. Damn, I love America!

I thought my only reward for suffering through NBC’s shitty Olympic coverage would be the Return of Days of our Lives and finally knowing if Sami falls four feet or if EJ saves her by removing his shirt and turning it into a rope. Nope! My patience will be rewarded twice over. Days AND Shark Week 2012.

What wonders will be waiting for me when I get home? I just spent a few minutes on the Discovery Channel Shark Week page and my mind was blown. I didn’t click anything, just gaped and got giddy. Check out this list of some of the items on the Shark Week front page.

Shark Week 2012 is the very definition of GOING HAM!

1. Air Jaws

2. Top 10 Shark Jumping Videos [Also a video]

3. Shark Week: Shark Bites [probably a very moving video]

4. Saving Sharks [Why not lead with them being terrifying beasts then close with them needing our help.]

5. Shark Week Chompdown [I can’t even guess WTF that is. Are they using chomp literally or figuratively?]

6. Shark Week Bingo [Yup. I’ma play that as soon s I finish typing this.]

7. About Shark Week

About Shark Week 2012

Shark Week’s 25th Anniversary is here! Tune in at 9PM e/p this week for a brand-new lineup of Shark Week programming that gets you closer than you’ve ever been.

Check our Shark Week Survival Guide for a schedule of events, including Shark Week Plusco-viewing at 9PM e/p, Shark Week Bingo at 10PM e/p and Shark Week Chompdown voting starting at 9PM e/p.

8. Shark Week Photos [What is that?! Should I feel bad for it? If it’s a Killer Whale or a Dolphin it can fuck right off and we’ll call this picture “Comeuppance.”]

9. Shark News [This includes the headline “Battle: Shark vs. Octopus: Gotta-See Videos” I’m in. Show it to me!]

10. Shark Games [Yes, I would like to Shark myself. Shark you very much!]

Funny thing? I don’t even really care for sharks. On any other day, they’re whatever. But with the communication and entertainment being in the state that it is today, it’s not enough for Shark Week 2012 to be a thing that just happens on the Discovery Channel. To keep up with their own immersive intentions they need have touch points in every area of our lives.

Everything people look for in and engaging TV or internet activity from emotional connection, to outrageous sights, to new facts, to games, can be found in Shark Week.

Side Note:

I think everyone who falls in any category should check out the amazing documentary series Gordon Ramsay did about all that goes into the “delicacy” that is shark fin soup:  Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait

It’s a bit hyperbolic but in a sad and deserving way. It’s something that requires a systemic change because the people doing the actual “finning” are mainly too poor to stop on moral grounds.

I was really hoping SyFy would get in to the action and play Sharktopus, Shark Swarm, and other gems. Unfortunately, not. The Discovery Channel is in this alone.

Am I the only one geeked about the new heights of Shark Week 2012?

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