Space Invaders Wall Art (Tutorial)

8-bit Space Invaders wall art is nerdy, retro, minimalistic, and above all, EASY. Depending on your perspective and what you already have around, it could be cheap too. (apologies for the crappy photo quality; it’s hard to take pictures of metal…) I have the kind of family that gifts things like Home Depot gift cards as stocking stuffers. I don’t find this offensive or annoying at all. I prefer the miscellaneous gift cards to the Onion Saver, Lettuce Cutters, Wreath Hook, Outdoor Faucet Cover, et al. So sometimes I can stroll into Home Depot and buy that giant light bulb

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5 Summer Reading Books I Should Have Read

When I was in high school I liked books and reading but I didn’t have things like tumblr and recommendations. Most of my friends were more into punk shows and being mall rats than curling up with a good story. The only recommendations I got were assigned summer reading lists from teachers yet to be met. I just plain wasn’t interested in doing work over the summer. I’ll read the books for English class when I have an English class to answer to.

“I can’t fail if I don’t read a book over the summer. If I could there’d be no need for a teacher,” I told my mother when she challenged my dismissal of all but the more interesting looking (read: smaller) summer reading books.

Unfortunately, some of those dismissed summer reading books actually turned out to be some of my favorite stories.

Now that that I’m out of high school, there have been books that I’ve stumbled upon and loved immensely only to realize I had the opportunity to read and discuss these stories during my semi-formative years.

I’m not sure if I feel regret about this or not because for one, I still passed all of high school and college despite being pedantic about how “required” our required reading really was. And for two, those guided, in-class discussions always made me want to stab myself in the eye…

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