Face Off "Dishonorable Proportions" Spotlight Challenge

Face Off features Dishonored in a Spotlight Challenge

The SyFy channel decided that rather than make a gradual change they should Tokyo Drift and completely become a heavily reality TV driven channel nearly overnight. I don’t approve. That doesn’t stop me from watching their original reality-competition show Face Off in fits and starts.

I just get sucked in. It’s art and imagination and everyone is essentially given the same challenge to make their own. Face Off is more cognitive than America’s Next Top Model – Don’t tell Tyra I said that—and far less annoying than any of their ghost or paranormal shows (but what isn’t?).

Face Off is one of the few shows down this new road that seems to remember what the SyFy channel that came before and won us over was all about.

In the episode “Dishonorable Proportions” the contestants were charged with translating some of the enemies and classes, some affected by the plague and others disturbing by default, from Dishonored in to real life characters.


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PAX 2012 | Dishonored Makes Being The Bad Guy Fun Again

In Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming title, Dishonored, you play a supernatural assassin hell-bent on revenge after being framed for your lady-boss’ murder.

There was this series of books by Kim Harrison that I got into called The Hollows where, in an alternate timeline, supernatural beings live side-by-side with humans. I was both awesome and terrifying. I always wondered what an Earth shared by supernatural beings would be like. What would they do for fun? Who would they answer to? How would we interact with them?

Well, if Dishonored is any indication, supernatural beings can either be very staunch rule followers or wholly terrifying and lawless.

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