Monday Morning: Doctor Who Coffee Mugs

Everyone keeps complaining about how rough this Monday morning is and how more coffee is necessary. Personally, I think they just need to infuse their Monday mornings and their coffee with a bit of adventure and excitement in the form of Doctor Who. TARDIS Mug from Think Geek. ($17.99) I need this mug. I don’t know if it’s easy to drink from straight lines or not but I’m willing to try. I’m not sure why my mug would need a cover but I’ll take it. A proper TARDIS isn’t proper without the glowing light on top. Also available as a

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SciFi Coasters

NOTE: I wrote this post while I was home sick. While I was able to complete this project, I realize this post needs some serious editing. I’ll get to it. Between bottles of Gatorade and a during a Star Trek marathon I was able to check a project off my list. Yay! I couldn’t literally do NOTHING all day, just live through it… Ew. Today’s project: Turning Nasty, Overused Coasters Into Etched Glass Nerd Art. At some gift giving instance, I can’t remember which, Husband and I got these neat photo coasters. They’re glass with a white frame painted on

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Autobots Assemble, Daleks Exterminate

It was so strange though, I know how huge Transformers were, and still are, but I have little to no knowledge about them. I still have to stop myself from saying MegaDeath instead of Megatron. Moreover, I’m never sure if I have the good guy and the bad guy straight. (I’m usually wrong)

“Hey, Husband? Do the good Transfomers have a logo?” I asked from the living room.

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