Days of Our Lives, I respect myself too much to continue our relationship.

I was a Days of Our Lives fangirl. I loved it, looked forward to it, and socialized with people specifically on the topic. Days made me happy. I called it a guilty pleasure but never actually felt guilty about loving it. Not anymore.

Recently I stopped feeling entertained and started to feel insulted. Yes, by a TV show, I felt insulted.

I felt like I was squirming in an uncomfortable chair in a car dealership while NBC up-sold the value of Good Cop over Bag Guy. No matter how unconvincing the arguments, the sellers spoke loudly and ignored all my pleas for reason and canon.

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Days of our Lives: DAYSaster – Day 1

I didn’t Live Blog day 1 of the Days of Our Lives DAYSaster, I tweeted it. I felt like I was being a bit spammy so I switched to Live Blogging. Here’s what happened on Day 1: RETWEET: tallytofu Sami/EJ/Will triangle would be even hotter! RT @Jamey_Giddens: I still want at least an EJill fantasy love scene though.#DAYSaster 10:33 PM Aug 13th from TweetCaster for iOS retweeted by WelcomeHomeNerd I don’t care what happens to anyone but Ej, Will, Nicole, and…I guess Sami because she’s just a pile of LOLz#DAYSaster 10:44 PM Aug 13th from Twitter for Android WelcomeHomeNerd  She’s dangling by her arm and

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Days of our Lives: DAYSaster – Day 2

It’s day 2 of the Days of our Lives DAYSaster and shit is getting thick. Sami isn’t hanging from a ledge anymore but she’s ready to run– WITH EJ! Half the town’s citizens and all the town’s youths (sans the gay-strong Will Horton) are in a labyrinth of gas-filled, shoddily built tunnels from the prohibition era. Kate is a silent storm ready to rage on a pitiful Ian who’s pledging his love to a dying Madison. Nicole is about to lose another baby as she goes into premature labor under some debris. The Deveraux family flounders between take-charge and so useless they’re flailing helplessly into injurious.

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Why Shark Week 2012 Will Be the Best Yet

Sunday, August 12th marked the first day of Shark Week 2012. About five years ago I thought Shark Week was a brand new thing. Apparently it’s been happening since 1987! 25 years of shark-related fanfare. Damn, I love America! I thought my only reward for suffering through NBC’s shitty Olympic coverage would be the Return of Days of our Lives and finally knowing if Sami falls four feet or if EJ saves her by removing his shirt and turning it into a rope. Nope! My patience will be rewarded twice over. Days AND Shark Week 2012. What wonders will be

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Guilty Pleasure: Days of our Lives

Days of our Lives, DOOL or simply DAYS to those in the know, is a daytime soap opera and it’s my favorite. I love and hate it. But that love is more like addiction and I hate it in a happy way. Days has been on the air for about 47 years but I’ve only been watching it for about three years. Whenever I tell anyone I watch Days of our Lives they fist wonder how –I DVR it and watch in the evenings—, then they wonder if So-and-So is still doing Such-and-Such. Usually the answer is Yes. I have

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