Space Invaders Wall Art (Tutorial)

8-bit Space Invaders wall art is nerdy, retro, minimalistic, and above all, EASY. Depending on your perspective and what you already have around, it could be cheap too. (apologies for the crappy photo quality; it’s hard to take pictures of metal…) I have the kind of family that gifts things like Home Depot gift cards as stocking stuffers. I don’t find this offensive or annoying at all. I prefer the miscellaneous gift cards to the Onion Saver, Lettuce Cutters, Wreath Hook, Outdoor Faucet Cover, et al. So sometimes I can stroll into Home Depot and buy that giant light bulb

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Are Digital Comics [Mobile Comics] Right for You?

The debate over paper and digital comics has mostly died down over time. People either do or don’t but they don’t really talk about it.

Digital vs. Paper is still a touchy subject for some. Hell it’s still a matter or versus rather than options. Dark Horse and Dark Horse Digital are still selling and producing and profiting from the same Baltimore or Conan comics regardless of how you buy them.

I don’t know about you but it’s not super easy for me to get to a comic shop when I want to. And, often, when I do get to my local shop, they don’t always have what I want.

Yes, I could subscribe but I’m not willing to make a financial commitment to multiple comics (most shops require you subscribe to three or more comics to hold a queue at the shop) until I can make a commitment to actually getting the comics.

There are a number of considerations and arguments that I weighed when deciding whether or not to join the Digital Comics/Mobile Comics Movement or hold strong with paper comics.

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