Face Off "Dishonorable Proportions" Spotlight Challenge

Face Off features Dishonored in a Spotlight Challenge

The SyFy channel decided that rather than make a gradual change they should Tokyo Drift and completely become a heavily reality TV driven channel nearly overnight. I don’t approve. That doesn’t stop me from watching their original reality-competition show Face Off in fits and starts.

I just get sucked in. It’s art and imagination and everyone is essentially given the same challenge to make their own. Face Off is more cognitive than America’s Next Top Model – Don’t tell Tyra I said that—and far less annoying than any of their ghost or paranormal shows (but what isn’t?).

Face Off is one of the few shows down this new road that seems to remember what the SyFy channel that came before and won us over was all about.

In the episode “Dishonorable Proportions” the contestants were charged with translating some of the enemies and classes, some affected by the plague and others disturbing by default, from Dishonored in to real life characters.


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I Spent the Weekend Playing Borderlands 2 With my Husband…

And it was awesome!

My co-workers start Monday morning small talk with questions like, “What did you do this weekend?” They say it all bright-eyed and interested with smiles like they expect me to say skydiving or kitten rescuing.

“I hung out with the husband…”

“Yeah? Do anything fun?!”

Oh, hell. Fine. At this point, it seems you really want to know, like, details. “We played video games. Borderlands 2”

Then they wait a beat for me to finish the list of things we did… PSYCH! All we did all weekend was play Borderlands 2 and finish that Honey Whiskey that’s been haunting us since June.

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PAX 2012 | League of Legends Skins & Competitions for Dummies

At PAX Prime there was an entire half floor of a massive convention center dedicated to the League of Legends Regional Finals and every single round was ruckus, jam packed with standing room only and viewers watching every gank and surge with baited breath.

I didn’t realize this was a thing far bigger than Husband and his friends drinking and shouting at each other over headsets til two in the morning on Fridays.

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Play With Your Friends: Rayman Origins

Sometimes I have friends over and worry about being about to entertain everyone regardless of their gaming experience levels. We all want to have fun but shooting grunts in Halo isn’t four-player fun if you have to split the screen four ways, no one wants to come over just to watch their friend trek through and RPG– no matter how much action is in it–, and New Super Mario Bros. should have been subtitled “the death of friendship.” I’ve seen that game get loud, then ugly, then uncomfortably quiet. Rayman Origins on the other hand is not at all the

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