My Husband, My Hero: Garbage Disposal Repair 101

For two days I walked into the kitchen and gave the sink the side eye. We have a garbage disposal that refused to dispose of the gallon of chipotle mac and cheese I shoved down its gullet and thus we had a situation. I flipped the switch to my garbage disposal and listened to the sound of silence and terror. I don’t want to shove my hand in the sink hole in some terrifying reenactment of Careless Woman Who Lost Her Ring in a horror movie! Malevolent spirits are not to be trifled with. Over the course of these two

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Autobots Assemble, Daleks Exterminate

It was so strange though, I know how huge Transformers were, and still are, but I have little to no knowledge about them. I still have to stop myself from saying MegaDeath instead of Megatron. Moreover, I’m never sure if I have the good guy and the bad guy straight. (I’m usually wrong)

“Hey, Husband? Do the good Transfomers have a logo?” I asked from the living room.

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