My Husband, My Hero: Garbage Disposal Repair 101

For two days I walked into the kitchen and gave the sink the side eye. We have a garbage disposal that refused to dispose of the gallon of chipotle mac and cheese I shoved down its gullet and thus we had a situation. I flipped the switch to my garbage disposal and listened to the sound of silence and terror. I don’t want to shove my hand in the sink hole in some terrifying reenactment of Careless Woman Who Lost Her Ring in a horror movie! Malevolent spirits are not to be trifled with. Over the course of these two

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I Spent the Weekend Playing Borderlands 2 With my Husband…

And it was awesome!

My co-workers start Monday morning small talk with questions like, “What did you do this weekend?” They say it all bright-eyed and interested with smiles like they expect me to say skydiving or kitten rescuing.

“I hung out with the husband…”

“Yeah? Do anything fun?!”

Oh, hell. Fine. At this point, it seems you really want to know, like, details. “We played video games. Borderlands 2”

Then they wait a beat for me to finish the list of things we did… PSYCH! All we did all weekend was play Borderlands 2 and finish that Honey Whiskey that’s been haunting us since June.

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Easy to Eat: Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Husband grumbles at turkey and veggies and when I ask him what HE wanted for dinner he said, “Chili, tacos, cheeseburgers…?”

Uh, I don’t want to make cheeseburgers mid-week, especially knowing he probably won’t him time or space to eat them.

Husband is a software engineer and he works late hours. Often they feed the team at work and if I cook dinner it goes uneaten. Either because it’s too much of a chore to have a sit-down dinner at 10pm or because he’s not that hungry.

So, to combat this time-space issue I started to make, essentially, heavy appetizers for dinner.

Once Husband noted, “You like making food in cupcake tins…”

“So? It’s never been to your detriment.”

“True,” he said, nodding as he shoved the last half of a Taco Kiss into his mouth.

I combined my passion for cupcake size food and Husband’s need for quick, easy and meaty dinner to make Cheeseburger Cupcakes or Nerd Burgers™.

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PAX 2012 | League of Legends Skins & Competitions for Dummies

At PAX Prime there was an entire half floor of a massive convention center dedicated to the League of Legends Regional Finals and every single round was ruckus, jam packed with standing room only and viewers watching every gank and surge with baited breath.

I didn’t realize this was a thing far bigger than Husband and his friends drinking and shouting at each other over headsets til two in the morning on Fridays.

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