I miss my teeth…

On Tuesday I had two teeth forcefully removed from my face. It was horrible. I paid a man money to stab me with needles and then strong-arm permanent fixtures from my mouth. It “needed” to be done. They were wisdom teeth and this was “the easy way,” because they weren’t impacted. If you’re having teeth pulled and they tell you that you’ll feel “pressure,” know they’re lying. You might not feel pain but “pressure” is an outright lie. A hug is pressure. A poke is pressure. What you will feel is someone elbow-deep in your face with various tools and the strength of a grown

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I have a headache. Still.

I’ve had a headache since Sunday (today is Tuesday)… It’s hard to explain, communicate, live with.

I’ll think I’m okay after sitting at my desk all day. I think, this is a dull level of pain that I can live with. It’s pain but it’s about a five and just stays there. I’m tempted to take medicine but by this time I’ve already taken three Aleve and don’t want to take six pills before noon.

With my relative sense of comfort and relief I’ll take a quick jaunt up the stairs to see Finance and that slight change in position and pulse rate will cripple me for at least the next half hour. The florescent lights aggravate the pain. I drown out everything around me with RainyMood.com and try not to cry as I shovel three more pain pills into my face and try not to look like an asshole.

Looking like an asshole is a problem because these headaches take over my body and emotions and I’m miserable in a way that, to me sounds like an excuse. It also feels stupid and embarrassing to leave work because I have a headache. It sounds like saying I have a tummy ache or job interview.

I can’t even really feel bad for myself because I have friends (more than one) who vomit uncontrollably from their headaches…

Women fake headaches to get out of sex. And headaches on Monday mean you drank too much on Sunday, right?

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