PAX 2012 | Dishonored Makes Being The Bad Guy Fun Again

In Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming title, Dishonored, you play a supernatural assassin hell-bent on revenge after being framed for your lady-boss’ murder.

There was this series of books by Kim Harrison that I got into called The Hollows where, in an alternate timeline, supernatural beings live side-by-side with humans. I was both awesome and terrifying. I always wondered what an Earth shared by supernatural beings would be like. What would they do for fun? Who would they answer to? How would we interact with them?

Well, if Dishonored is any indication, supernatural beings can either be very staunch rule followers or wholly terrifying and lawless.

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PAX 2012 | Why Was Comic Publisher Oni Press at PAX?

When I looked at which exhibitors would be boothing up at PAX Prime 2012 I was surprised to see Oni Press listed. Oni Press is an independent comic book publisher, you see.

So, if Dark Horse makes the comics for games like Mass Effect, Zelda, and Dragon Age and Marvel makes actual video games based on their comic titles, why was wee Oni Press present?

Oni Press brought us the Scott Pilgrim title which then brought us the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and the Ubisoft-developed side-scrolling beat ‘em up Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. You may recall that video game were a huge part of Scott Pilgrim’s life. The first evil ex, Matthew Patel, that Scott defeats, he defeats via a Dance Dance Revolution-style battle to the death.

Video games not only saved his life they also brought him love. Actually the whole comic is sort of video game styled as Scott levels up and receives extra lives and coins as prizes.

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PAX 2012 | League of Legends Skins & Competitions for Dummies

At PAX Prime there was an entire half floor of a massive convention center dedicated to the League of Legends Regional Finals and every single round was ruckus, jam packed with standing room only and viewers watching every gank and surge with baited breath.

I didn’t realize this was a thing far bigger than Husband and his friends drinking and shouting at each other over headsets til two in the morning on Fridays.

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Net Promoter: Alaska Airlines at Sea-Tac Airport (via Delta)

This weekend I went to the massive gaming expo, PAX Prime, in Seattle. The weekend was fantastic, overall. I spent time with a friend I almost never see, ate great food, saw a city I’d never visited, and WENT TO PAX PRIME! The one dark spot was having to fly halfway home on Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines at Sea-Tac Airport has officially provided me with the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had.

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