Days of Our Lives, I respect myself too much to continue our relationship.

I was a Days of Our Lives fangirl. I loved it, looked forward to it, and socialized with people specifically on the topic. Days made me happy. I called it a guilty pleasure but never actually felt guilty about loving it. Not anymore.

Recently I stopped feeling entertained and started to feel insulted. Yes, by a TV show, I felt insulted.

I felt like I was squirming in an uncomfortable chair in a car dealership while NBC up-sold the value of Good Cop over Bag Guy. No matter how unconvincing the arguments, the sellers spoke loudly and ignored all my pleas for reason and canon.

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Days of our Lives: DAYSaster – Day 1

I didn’t Live Blog day 1 of the Days of Our Lives DAYSaster, I tweeted it. I felt like I was being a bit spammy so I switched to Live Blogging. Here’s what happened on Day 1: RETWEET: tallytofu Sami/EJ/Will triangle would be even hotter! RT @Jamey_Giddens: I still want at least an EJill fantasy love scene though.#DAYSaster 10:33 PM Aug 13th from TweetCaster for iOS retweeted by WelcomeHomeNerd I don’t care what happens to anyone but Ej, Will, Nicole, and…I guess Sami because she’s just a pile of LOLz#DAYSaster 10:44 PM Aug 13th from Twitter for Android WelcomeHomeNerd  She’s dangling by her arm and

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Days of our Lives: DAYSaster – Day 2

It’s day 2 of the Days of our Lives DAYSaster and shit is getting thick. Sami isn’t hanging from a ledge anymore but she’s ready to run– WITH EJ! Half the town’s citizens and all the town’s youths (sans the gay-strong Will Horton) are in a labyrinth of gas-filled, shoddily built tunnels from the prohibition era. Kate is a silent storm ready to rage on a pitiful Ian who’s pledging his love to a dying Madison. Nicole is about to lose another baby as she goes into premature labor under some debris. The Deveraux family flounders between take-charge and so useless they’re flailing helplessly into injurious.

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