5 Summer Reading Books I Should Have Read

When I was in high school I liked books and reading but I didn’t have things like tumblr and amazon.com recommendations. Most of my friends were more into punk shows and being mall rats than curling up with a good story. The only recommendations I got were assigned summer reading lists from teachers yet to be met. I just plain wasn’t interested in doing work over the summer. I’ll read the books for English class when I have an English class to answer to.

“I can’t fail if I don’t read a book over the summer. If I could there’d be no need for a teacher,” I told my mother when she challenged my dismissal of all but the more interesting looking (read: smaller) summer reading books.

Unfortunately, some of those dismissed summer reading books actually turned out to be some of my favorite stories.

Now that that I’m out of high school, there have been books that I’ve stumbled upon and loved immensely only to realize I had the opportunity to read and discuss these stories during my semi-formative years.

I’m not sure if I feel regret about this or not because for one, I still passed all of high school and college despite being pedantic about how “required” our required reading really was. And for two, those guided, in-class discussions always made me want to stab myself in the eye…

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I get way too excited about new TV seasons…

I watch too much TV. It’s a fact I’m witting to admit but not really address.

Doctor Who came back this fall and it almost killed me. I felt like they were doing some awesome stand out episodes and phoning a few in to rest on the laurels of the supporting characters. And honestly I don’t get the River-Doctor relationship. I missed the place where they fell in love or why. Maybe because everyone falls in love with The Doctor? Maybe because River told him he’d marry her and so he did… I dunno. I keep watching.

I’m geeked about this new companion. Oswin Oswald was amazing to me and I can’t wait for her energy.

Also back: Alphas, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Vampire Diaries!

SHIIIIT! Elana is going to wake up mid-transition! She’s going to have her memories of meeting Damon first! AHHHH!

And now there are new TV shows to get excited about:

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Days of Our Lives, I respect myself too much to continue our relationship.

I was a Days of Our Lives fangirl. I loved it, looked forward to it, and socialized with people specifically on the topic. Days made me happy. I called it a guilty pleasure but never actually felt guilty about loving it. Not anymore.

Recently I stopped feeling entertained and started to feel insulted. Yes, by a TV show, I felt insulted.

I felt like I was squirming in an uncomfortable chair in a car dealership while NBC up-sold the value of Good Cop over Bag Guy. No matter how unconvincing the arguments, the sellers spoke loudly and ignored all my pleas for reason and canon.

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Let Me Kill It! | DISHONORED: Rat Assassin (iOS)

Dishonored is coming out soooooon! I feel all the feelings. For now, I wait with baited breath and play RAT ASSASSIN. Apparently, the nice folks over at Bethesda Softworks knew how much Dishonored fans were geeking on the abundance of rats in all forms in the upcoming game because they created a free assassination practice app to tide us over: RAT ASSASSIN. Dishonored is set in the fairly scummy city of Dunwall, which is teeming with rats. Your character even has a rat-based ability, Devouring Swarm. I want a devouring swarm so badly I might die of it!

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Face Off "Dishonorable Proportions" Spotlight Challenge

Face Off features Dishonored in a Spotlight Challenge

The SyFy channel decided that rather than make a gradual change they should Tokyo Drift and completely become a heavily reality TV driven channel nearly overnight. I don’t approve. That doesn’t stop me from watching their original reality-competition show Face Off in fits and starts.

I just get sucked in. It’s art and imagination and everyone is essentially given the same challenge to make their own. Face Off is more cognitive than America’s Next Top Model – Don’t tell Tyra I said that—and far less annoying than any of their ghost or paranormal shows (but what isn’t?).

Face Off is one of the few shows down this new road that seems to remember what the SyFy channel that came before and won us over was all about.

In the episode “Dishonorable Proportions” the contestants were charged with translating some of the enemies and classes, some affected by the plague and others disturbing by default, from Dishonored in to real life characters.


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I have a headache. Still.

I’ve had a headache since Sunday (today is Tuesday)… It’s hard to explain, communicate, live with.

I’ll think I’m okay after sitting at my desk all day. I think, this is a dull level of pain that I can live with. It’s pain but it’s about a five and just stays there. I’m tempted to take medicine but by this time I’ve already taken three Aleve and don’t want to take six pills before noon.

With my relative sense of comfort and relief I’ll take a quick jaunt up the stairs to see Finance and that slight change in position and pulse rate will cripple me for at least the next half hour. The florescent lights aggravate the pain. I drown out everything around me with RainyMood.com and try not to cry as I shovel three more pain pills into my face and try not to look like an asshole.

Looking like an asshole is a problem because these headaches take over my body and emotions and I’m miserable in a way that, to me sounds like an excuse. It also feels stupid and embarrassing to leave work because I have a headache. It sounds like saying I have a tummy ache or job interview.

I can’t even really feel bad for myself because I have friends (more than one) who vomit uncontrollably from their headaches…

Women fake headaches to get out of sex. And headaches on Monday mean you drank too much on Sunday, right?

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